ProWalkProBike Musical Event

Get ready to sing your song and buy your outfit if needed. I mean if you are singing an Elvis song , you may as well try to look like Elvis!

If you need some song ideas, this blog’s lyrics are available for you!  Just click on the song name on the right,  or search by category.  You can be Britney, Madonna, Bob Dylan or Ray Charles.  You can  even be some one-hit wonders, so you can look however you want because no one will know.

FYI:  YOU CAN BUY KARAOKE versions of most songs on I-Tunes, so you can practice singing without the original lyrics. This is highly recommended  unless you  know the song really really well and know when to come in and when to start the chorus, etc.

BIKE KARAOKE in Chattanooga
Ice Breaker- Monday evening September 13th  (following the ProBike / ProWalk Welcome Reception)

Come relax and watch and/or perform Bike/ Walk-themed songs at the new karaoke bar on Market Street  just 8 blocks from the convention center. It will be a fun, relaxed evening of musical parodies, and maybe even an original song or two. (It’s up to you.) If you’ve ever heard a song and thought “If Ii just change a word or two, I can make a point about how we all need to bike  and walk more and drive less”,  then this is your chance! For example,  Hit the Road Jack has been turned into Share the Road Jack. This Land is your Land, This Land is My Land” has been turned into This Lane is your Lane, This Lane is My Lane. The possibilities are endless. Come to Watch or Come to Sing,  but Come!

What: Social Event-Music and Karaoke Celebrating Biking and Walking
Where: “Sing It or Wing It”,
412 Market Street,  Chattanooga, TN 37402 8 blocks from the convention center

When: Monday 9/13/10 8:00 pm to 11:00 +p.m.
Do  I need to know how to sing? NO, just the nerve to actually sing, or just listen!
Do I have to sing? NO- An audience is needed too!
Do  I need to bring my own lyrics? No but  if you have some, by all means bring them. If you need something to sing – start writing!  Or go to  the link below to find some lyrics and start practicing your song. If you like to write but not sing, upload your song, lyrics here and maybe someone else will sing it.
What if the karaoke machine  doesn’t have my song? Then you can do it A Capella or bring an instrument.
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