Shift Shift (Beep, Beep! by The Playmates ,1958)

Posted on July 3, 2013


While riding on our two-seat bike, I was surprised to see,
In my rear view, a unicycle, closing in on me.
He was decked out in bike attire, I thought it was a joke,
I signaled to my stoker that we’re going to make some smoke.
Shift, Shift.

The chain dropped down two smaller cogs, I thought that’s all we’d need,
The pace picked up; I chuckled as the tandem gained in speed.
The unicycle didn’t get much smaller in my view,
In fact, he seemed much closer now. Guess what I’m going to do?
Shift, Shift.

Okay this ain’t so funny now; he’s close enough to draft.
How could he keep on gaining so, I checked with rider aft.
“He’s got one wheel—that’s all I see, so give another try,”
I dropped two smaller cogs again. “Okay, longbike, let’s fly.”
Shift, Shift.

My stoker got down on her bars; I did the same up front.
The muscles in our legs and thighs would have to take the brunt.
The unicycle kept on closing, “God, is this a dream?”
I slipped up to the big chain ring to muster up more steam.
Shift, Shift.

The knuckles started turning white, the breathing soon was strained.
I turned to see how far we led, but in our passing lane,
The unicycle came along, and motioned frantically,
“Hey buddy, I can’t slow this down, it’s got no brakes you see!”
Shift …
Joe Stafford, 1999

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